Exclusive Fedorin Cup Pictures

Teemu Selanne flips a puck to a fan at the Fedorin Cup. (Collin Insley)

On Saturday August 25th, the Anaheim Ducks and Athletic Sports Fund of America (ASFA) put on the 15th edition of the Fedorin Cup – a charity hockey game featuring players ranging from the legendary (Teemu Selanne) to the somewhat less legendary (beer league player Nicole Birenbaum), and everyone in-between. I attended the event, which raises funds for worthy causes like Hockey Fights Cancer, the American Cancer Society, and the USC Norris Cancer Center, among others.

To read a full write-up of the event, make sure to check out my piece at the Sunbelt Hockey Journal.

After the jump, check out some of the additional photographs I took at the event.

(Collin Insley)

Although I’ve been to the Fedorin Cup before, I’m always somewhat shocked to find such a large crowd clamoring to watch a charity hockey game in late August – in Southern California. Just goes to show, there are die hard hockey fans here, too.

(Collin Insley)

During one stop in play, Teemu Selanne – ever the man of the people – decided to try his hand at shoveling excess snow. Note the GoPro Video camera attached to Selanne’s helmet. Several players were wearing these cameras throughout the game, though I doubt many had as much fun with them as Teemu did. Case in point…


(Collin Insley)

A “fight” broke out towards the end of the 3rd period. Leave it to Teemu to want to join in on the fun. Although UHL veteran Brenden Tedstone (Red) was initially looking to square off against recently departed fan favorite George Parros, ECHL alum Zealin Cronk (all 5’7″ of him) decided to answer the bell. Many laughs were had.

(Collin Insley)

Although he didn’t get to fight in front of the Anaheim fans one last time, that didn’t keep new Florida Panther enforcer George Parros from joining in on the festivities. He scored at least a few goals during the game, and each time he did find the back of the net, the Anaheim faithful made sure to let Parros know just how much they love him – evidently, the feeling is mutual.


(Collin Insley)

Parros may be a fan favorite, but no Duck (past or present) can even approach the kind of mutual admiration society that has developed between Teemu Selanne and Duck fans everywhere. Maybe it’s genuine reactions to seeing a familiar face, like the one above, that have something to do with that…I dunno.

(Collin Insley)

Wild Wing and a handful of Power Players were on hand to make sure everyone was having a good time. There was also a Tim Marchant sighting or three, as well (Dad Todd played in the game this year).

(Collin Insley)

The rivalries and bragging rights between competing players may be real, but at the end of the day, the Fedorin Cup isn’t about winning or losing or scoring goals – it’s about hockey bringing people together, and that is a very beautiful thing indeed.

(For any camera heads wondering, I shot all of the above photos on my Canon EOS 60D on the stock lens – 18-135mm, f/3.5-5.6. I believe I was shooting at a 2000 ISO, a 200 shutter speed, and generally an f/5.6. No flash.)


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